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RW is experienced in servicing all major plumbing brands. We are a fully licensed, bonded, & insured company. Our technicians must go through an extensive training before we put them in the field. Also, each of our technicians are drug tested & have passed an extensive background check to ensure your safety. 

We stock each of our service trucks fully to ensure we are prepared for any plumbing situation. Our team will always arrive on time and will be professional dressed with shoe covers on our feet, so your homes floors stay protected.

Most Importantly, We Have Been A Trusted Memphis Plumbing Company For Over 20 Years!

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Which Hot Water Heater system works best for you?

Standard Hot Water HeaterOr ATankless Hot Water Heater  

What is a Tankless water heaters?

Also known as on-demand water heaters, use high-powered burners to rapidly heat water as it runs through a heat exchanger and deliver it directly to your faucets or shower without storing it in a tank. Tankless water heaters are usually powered with electricity or gas.

These types of water heaters were found to be 22 percent more energy efficient on average than the gas-fired storage-tank models in tests conducted by consumer reports.

How are “Traditional” Tank Storage Water Heaters Different?

Storage Tank Water Heaters Are Commonly Found In Most Homes. Their Components are An Insulated Tank, Typically Holding 30-50 Gallons of Water To Heat & Store The Water Until It’s Needed. 

Typically, There Are Storage-Tank Water Heaters That Use Either Natural Gas Or Electricity For Their Fuel. Natural Gas Use Almost 50% Less Energy, Costing Less To Operate Than An Electric Variety. However, They Cost A Bit More Than Electric Models.

Tankless Water Heater Energy Efficieny 

Homeowners With On-Demand (Tankless) Water Heaters That Use Less Than 41 Gallons Or Less Of Hot Water Each Day, Enjoy Between 24 – 34 Percent More Energy Efficiency Than Storage Tank Water Heaters. If You Use Lots Of Hot Water Daily (Around 86 Gallons), You Might Enjoy Energy Efficiency Of An Additional 8 – 14 Percent.

tankless can cost a little bit more money

Purchasing A Tankless Water Heater Will Cost You A Bit More ThanA Traditional Storage Tank Water Heater, But, Tankless Varieties Last Longer Than Conventional Water Heater Models. This Translates To A 20+-Year Useful Life, As Compared To Storage Tank Types Which Last Only 10 – 15 Years.

You May Receive Energy Savings Of 27 – 50 Percent If You Put On-Demand Water Heaters At All Hot Waters Outlets In Your Home.

Tankless Water heater advantages

Saves You Money Over Time. 

According To Engergy.gov, “For Homes That Use 41 Gallons Or Less Of Hot Water Daily, Demand (Or Tankless) Water Heaters Can Be 24% To 34% More Energy Efficient Than Conventional Tank Water Heaters.”. Tankless Water Heaters (If Gas-Fired) Will Save Homeowners Over $100 Annually The Longer They Remain In Service. Electric Tankless Water Heaters Still Save Homeowners Around $44 Per Year According To The US Department Of Energy..

Tankless Last 20 to 30 Years While Standard Storage Water Heaters Only Last 10 – 15 Years. You Also Will Get On-Demand Hot Water From A Tankless Water Heater & Will Reduce Your Amount Of Energy You Use To Power It. You Will Not Wait 15 – 25 Seconds For Your Water To Become Hot Anymore With A Tankless Unit.

Drawbacks Of Tankless Water Heaters

Higher Purchase Cost Then Standard Storage Tank Water Heaters.

Instead Of $800 – $1500 For A Good Storage Tank Water Heater, You’ll Spend Around $2500 To Around $5000 To Buy And Install A Tankless Water Heaters.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Can Be Costly If You’re Replace A Storage Tank Water Heater With A Tankless-Type Water Heater. When You Choose To Retrofit A Tankless Water Heater In Place Of A Storage Tank Variety, Your Plumber-Installer Will Take More Time, Which Can Increase The Installation Cost..

Simultaneously Tanking Showers & Doing Laundry Can Cause Your Tankless Water Heater To Fail To Keep Up With The Hot Water Demand On It. If You Have Multiple Showers In Use In Your Home, You Often Will Have One Of The Shower-Takers Endure A “Chilly” Experience..